Here are some more of my favorite panoramic photos...

Los Angeles street parade circa 1915, unknown photographer.
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Placer County Day, April 12, 1915, Panama Pacific Expositiom, San Francisco, CA. Cardinell-Vincent, official photographer (from the original negative). Click HERE for LARGE image.

Meet us at Ascot Speedway - March 5, 1916 - Photo by George Prince

Butte Motorcycle Club - Todd Photo & Film Co., Sept 5, 1914

Venice Bathing Beauty Pageant - *M.F. Weaver, July 8, 1926

Wreck on I.C.R.R., near Farmer City, Ill., Oct 6,'09 - International Stereograph Co.

A few more really neat street scenes....

*Miles Weaver was a popular and talented Los Angeles area photographer
who specialized in panoramic photography back in the 1920's and 30's.
Many of his photographs are featured in the Library of Congress,
collection "Taking the Long View."